THORNTON, Colo. (KDVR) – Thornton firefighters had to rescue someone Friday night after a condo caught fire.

This happened on Huron Street near 88th Avenue, west of Interstate 25.

The holiday lights were far from the minds of some residents of Star Point Condos in Thornton. The Thornton Fire Department said they replied shortly after 5 p.m..

“When we got to the scene we saw flames,” Thornton Fire spokeswoman Stephanie Harping said.

Fire crews extinguished the flames at a unit in the Thornton complex.

“We also had to perform a rescue, from the balcony,” Harpring said.

It is not known whether the rescued person sustained any injuries.

“It’s a complex that has multiple buildings, but they’re condominiums, so they’re privately owned,” Harpring said.

Harpring said this further complicated their investigation into the causes of the fire.

A family was in a parking lot next to the complex talking to representatives of the Town of Thornton. They did not want to comment on the situation.

Firefighters told FOX31 they were unsure whether the fire started on the lower or upper level of this apartment. They added that the building must be secured before investigators can enter and determine a cause.

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