SCOTCH PLAINS – A proposal to build 41 apartments on Front Street will be heard by the township planning council this month.

1805 Front Street LLC is due to appear before the board of directors for site approval on December 13. The meeting will be held virtually; details for accessing it can be found on the municipality’s website.

The plan calls for the construction of a three-story L-shaped building on the 1.39 acre property west of Park Avenue. The ground floor footprint will be 25,571 square feet.

No variation in use is required as the property, which previously contained two houses, is in the township’s commercial area with the downtown affordable housing overlay area.

A design deviation is necessary, however, as the proposed building height is 40.8 feet where the ordinance allows a maximum of 40 feet. No other variation is required.

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In his review of the project, consulting engineer Paul Ferriero expressed concerns about the proposed stormwater management system.

“It is not clear that the stormwater management system as designed is feasible,” Ferriero wrote in his report to the board.

The engineer also noted that the parking area is below the flood risk elevation, which means the plan may require approval from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

The proposal calls for the removal of all but two trees on the property. The two largest trees on the rear property line will remain.

The property is located one block west of Park Avenue and adjacent to the Township’s downtown redevelopment area, which was unveiled this summer.

The plan, which covers 9.5 acres of municipal property, as well as the Scotch Plains Rescue Team land on Bartle Avenue, calls for the construction of 350 residential units spread across the redevelopment area, a minimum of 15 000 square feet of commercial space for restaurants and stores, and two large open public plazas totaling approximately 13,500 square feet for events and outdoor activities.

The centerpiece of the plan is a new public library and municipal offices brought together in one building, replacing the outdated Bartle Avenue library and the Park Avenue municipal building.

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