AUSTIN, TEXAS (KXAN) – Five people injured in a fire at a 3-alarm apartment complex north of Austin have filed a lawsuit against the complex.

According to law firm Buzbee, the lawsuit alleges the apartment complex lacked working sprinklers and an alarm system to notify residents of the fire.

The lawsuit also says one of the victims is still in hospital and on life support, having suffered severe burns to much of his body.

Another victim was a child who was rushed to hospital after fainting.

“It is not surprising that when the fire broke out at night without the knowledge of the sleeping plaintiffs, it spread so rapidly that the plaintiffs were forced to jump from their scorching second story windows,” indicates the trial.

The Ventura Apartments is an apartment complex located at 9133 Northgate Boulevard.

Until a few months ago it was known as Quail Creek Apartments. Ventura Apartments is a two story apartment complex consisting of over forty units.

Before the fire on January 7, 2022, the Ventura apartments looked like this:

The lawsuit aims to preserve the scene so that representatives of the victims can gather evidence. The lawsuit also says the damages suffered by these plaintiffs will exceed $25 million.

KXAN has contacted the apartment complex and is awaiting a response.

Firefighters did not specify what could have caused the fire at the complex.