LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – An apartment complex is still awaiting repairs after a Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus crashed there in July. The aftermath – a badly damaged cinder block wall as well as residents’ belongings.

A temporary wall was erected in place of the cinder block wall, but residents of the complex said that was still not enough.

I put my hand on the wood and it’s so weak,” Wildwood resident Edward Algarin said. “So we need the wall like the other apartment.”

We first introduced you to Edward Algarin in August when we told him about the wall not being repaired a month after the bus crashed into the wall of his apartment complex.

He said not only did he have security concerns over the temporary wall, but he still had all the rubble on his back patio nearly four months later.

“We can’t clean it up,” Algarin said. “It’s heavy as you can see. It’s concrete so you can’t clean it.

Still, many pieces of the cinderblock wall can be seen on the floor along with the belongings of Algarin and his housemates.

“We had a problem with washing our clothes,” Algarin said. “Washer does not work. You can see damage to the washer on this part.

A representative for Keolis, an independent RTC contractor, had said in August that it was waiting for the claims adjuster to pay for the repairs.

This rep said today that the insurance check was processed last week and Wildwood property management was told they would be receiving it soon.