CHARLOTTE – A plethora of apartment projects are underway in several communities around Charlotte.

In Cornelius alone, three mixed-use developments – each with a multi-family component – received the green light from city leaders last month. This includes Sefton Park, which, among other uses, provides for 344 multi-family units between Sefton Park Road and West Catawba Avenue. This is in addition to Greenway Gartens and Caroline, who are expected to bring a total of 650 residential units – almost all of them apartments – to over 40 acres at South Street and Zion Avenue.

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Elsewhere in the region, construction of 275 apartments as part of the planned development of Farmington near Harrisburg is brewing, two projects in Monroe are progressing, and a redevelopment in the Franklin Urban Sports and Entertainment District of Gastonia is approaching the finish line.

Closer to downtown Charlotte, a 308-unit multi-family building off West Morehead Street recently opened, and work is slated to begin this fall on a large mixed-use project in Plaza Midwood as well as a residential complex. ‘apartments of 272 units in the Steele Zone of the stream.

Take a look at CBJ’s Real Estate Roundup here for a closer look at residential projects planned or underway in the Charlotte area.

(Watch the video below: Dreams of owning a home have been cut short for some residents as prices soar in the market)

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