Generation Z

Social media has grown steadily since the initial launch of Myspace in 2003. Since then, social media was not just a place where we upload our happy moments and accomplishments, but it has become a place full of opportunities and dreams. Because social media is full of such opportunities, Gen Z has taken full advantage of it in many ways. Some include becoming content creators, opening online businesses, and kicking the typical 9-5 we’re all used to, the curve. Not only that, but Gen Z is also known to be the generation with the most people moving away from their hometowns to places with more opportunities, like Georgia.

Why College Park?

Although College Park is not the ideal place to settle down, it has become more and more popular over the years and that is because of its affordability. Rent in Georgia, on average, is $1812 for a one-bedroom apartment and for this reason more and more people are moving to the outskirts of Atlanta, in which College Park is included. College Park is best known for its minutes drive from the airport, it is also known for its historic district, which has existed since 1846. Finally, it is also best known for its affordability. Below I have listed 4 affordable apartment complexes located in College Park. All of these apartments drop to $900+!

Additional note: apartment prices change daily and the best way to get accurate prices is to call the rental offices or simply visit the complex.

College Park Georgia Apartments:

1. Le Parc at 1875 ($905 and up) -

2. South Hampton Estates ($850+) –

3. Arbor Garden Apartments ($945+) –

4. Central Park Apartments ($900+) –