The proposed Oak Grove apartment complex on South Orchard Avenue, which has been debated extensively in previous meetings, will return to Vacaville City Council with an updated plan on Tuesday.

The board will vote on an amended Development, Disposal and Loan Agreement (DDLA) between the city and developer Eden Oak Grove Investors, LP.

According to a staff report from Emily Cantu, director of housing and community services, Eden Housing, a Hayward-based nonprofit, arrived in the city in 2019 with plans for an affordable housing project around the corner. South Orchard and West Monte Vista avenues. The project, as proposed at the time, consisted of 55 apartments in a pair of three-story buildings ranging from one to three bedrooms.

A request for a zoning change was submitted to council at its May 25 meeting, and while some speakers praised the project’s supply of affordable housing and proximity to shops and schools, others have expressed concerns about the volume of affordable housing projects in the area and the impact on traffic, among others.

Council voted unanimously to approve the request, but Councilor Nolan Sullivan suggested the possibility of looking at other sites. At the August 26 meeting, council voted 4-2 to formally ask Eden Housing to downsize the project to its current location or explore other suggested sites. Councilors Roy Stockton and Greg Ritchie voted against, and Mayor Ron Rowlett recused himself as a precaution due to a perceived conflict of interest.

At the October 12 meeting, Cantu announced that, based on the guidance provided during the closed session of the September 28 meeting, staff had started negotiating with Eden Housing for a different type of project. While the previous proposal was for multi-family dwellings, the new proposal provides for 60 rental-limited senior housing units with the option of housing elderly people with disabilities, Cantu wrote in the staff report.

The project will be in the same location as previously proposed.

“If approved, the project will continue with the zoning process initiated by city council that would allow senior apartments on the city-owned Orchard Avenue property and the property owned by Eden Oak Grove on West Monte. Vista Avenue, ”Cantu wrote. “The project would also continue the process to obtain all other planning rights approvals in accordance with state law and the city’s land use and development code.”

The negotiations included a modified DDLA, with the city providing a loan amounting to $ 4.1 million. Additional conditions include the granting of a loan by the city for the appraised value of the city-owned plot, the provision of approximately 60 parking spaces, the provision of units for people aged 55 and over or more earning a median income of 50 percent or less and providing support services to help residents live independently and maximize self-sufficiency.

Staff recommends that Council approve the amended DDLA.

In other matters, council will consider a resolution appending the proposed Harbison Drive apartments to the Hawkins Neighborhood Park Assessment District and hold a housing strategy study session.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. The Zoom link is, and the password for new users is 639925.

Participants can also register by phone by dialing 267-831-0333 or 301-715-8592 or toll free at 877-853-5257 or 888-475-4499. Participants can dial * 67 before the number if they want their number not to appear on the screen.