The gas was reportedly shut off for maintenance on Tuesday, but crews were unable to fix the problem before the storm hit.

AUSTIN, Texas – Some North Austin residents are facing freezing Thursday night temperatures without hot water.

Residents of Magnolia Court Apartments, near Highway 290 and Cameron Road, said their complex turned off the gas for maintenance on Tuesday. However, work crews were unable to get to the resort and fix the problem when the winter storm hit Wednesday.

Luckily residents had electricity, so they had plenty of heat on Wednesday and will be able to stay warm.

A resident, Nicholl Varga, said the maintenance schedule is disappointing and an inconvenience.

“If it was something they might have liked, they chose to do it,” Varga said. “They could have picked a better time to do it, wait until after that winter storm passes rather than the day before.”

The resort reportedly told residents Thursday night that a crew should be back at work Friday morning to fix the problem so residents can get gas and hot water back as soon as possible.

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