Home security systems may give you peace of mind, but depending on where you live, a professionally installed system – or even some DIY systems with more invasive installations – that might not make sense. If you don’t want to break through the walls, play with it doorbell wiring or pay to install a permanent system in an apartment in which you may only stay for the year, there is still home security systems for you.

To compile our list of the best home security systems for tenants, we’ve tested all the major security systems on the market, from professionally installed systems to do-it-yourself systems. In general, professional contracts won’t make much sense to tenants as they tend to rely on more permanent facilities, and sometimes they come with contracts that can last longer than your lease. The best choices will be cheaper, do-it-yourself business. Here are the best systems for the job.

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Wyze’s home security system is ridiculously cheap – even after prices increased for many of its products in early 2021. The company’s home surveillance system costs $ 80 and comes with two sensors. door / window, motion detector, keypad and base station with built-in siren. You can also get a year of professional supervision for $ 60. This will give you a 50% discount on the system (which tops the price up to $ 100).

In short, Wyze’s is a solid system with a really attractive price tag – and it’s easily scalable inexpensively for a variety of apartment or house sizes (adding a camera, for example, will cost you as little as $ 30). The big drawback? It has no cellular backup which means if the power or internet goes down you lose professional monitoring and remote alerts. However, the system will still operate locally, so if someone breaks in while the power is off, the siren will still sound.

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Editor’s Note: Ring has been called out for its partnership with local law enforcement agencies in the United States, prompting privacy advocates to voice concerns about the data Ring shares with law enforcement and how this information is used. In December 2019, thousands of personal information from Ring users was disclosed, causing us to stop recommending Ring products. Ring has since updated its security policies, requiring two-factor authentication, adding end-to-end video encryption, and introducing support for CAPTCHA and authenticator apps.

Ring has a ton of luggage, but its 5-piece home security system is a solid mid-range DIY option. It comes with a door / window sensor, motion sensor, keypad, range extender and base station. What I love most about Ring Alarm for Renters is that it works with the Ring Peephole Cam, which is one of the only video doorbells that works with those peepholes you often find in apartment buildings. of apartments. Like Wyze, Ring does not have a cell backup.

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SimpliSafe is our favorite home security system for several reasons: it’s reliable, cheap, and doesn’t have any significant weaknesses (that’s right, you have cellular backup here, unlike the two systems above). That said, SimpliSafe does have one downside for tenants in particular: its video doorbell is only wired. For many tenants without doorbell wiring (or permission to handle it), this takes the video doorbell off the table.

If you’re not worried about the video doorbell, SimpliSafe has some fantastic packages at prices that, while slightly higher than the systems above, beat out direct competitors like Abode. Plans start at $ 229, but you can regularly find them for sale on the SimpliSafe website for much less – at the time of writing, for example, the basic plan costs just $ 160.

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