WILLIAMSTON – The stakes have fallen.

Williamston’s council of commissioners met on Monday evening in a meeting called to open bids received for the demolition of the old Tarheel apartment building.

“We are meeting to receive offers for the old Tarheel Apartment building. No decision will be made tonight, ”said Williamston Mayor Joyce Whichard-Brown.

According to Williamston City Administrator Eric Pearson, five bids were received for the project.

“We are currently checking that the last bidder has the qualifications for the project,” he added.

The first bid came from PFTW Corporation in the amount of $ 156,423.

The second offer was from Ted Hardison in the amount of $ 469,423.

The third bid was from Roberson Contracting, LLC in the amount of $ 386,096.50.

The fourth bid came from Rick Bostic Construction in the amount of $ 306,125.

The fifth bid came from Dore in the amount of $ 285,700.

Pearson explained that before a company was selected, each would be researched to ensure they had the right insurance coverage and equipment for a job of this size.

“If the winning company finds out that something serious was not included in the initial offer, could that be added to the cost? Williamston commissioner Alton Moore asked.

“We may have to renegotiate the contract,” Pearson replied.

“If it was something that was not in the contract, then the contract would have to be changed,” added Williamston’s attorney Watsi Sutton.

Pearson also explained to the board that each proposal was meant to be based on the terms to save the wall that is shared between the old Tarheel Apartment building and SS Custom Cycles.

Reference was also made to the fact that the contractors had suggested using the roof of the SS Custom Cycles building to safely reach the top of the old Tarheel apartment building during the demolition.

One topic discussed during the meeting was whether there was a possibility of asbestos in the building.

“Contractors are aware that there could be asbestos in the building. It’s a 1920s building so that’s a possibility. No asbestos test was performed on the building due to the unsafe structure of the building, ”said Pearson.

“Will there be a dress code for asbestos if it is found.” I don’t want anyone to come back later to sue, ”Williamston Commissioner William Coffield said.

The meeting went behind closed doors to discuss another matter, but plans were made for another meeting called next week to accept the lowest bidder.

The next day, another emergency meeting was held to open two more deals.

“After the meeting last night, we discovered offers that had not been opened. These offers were submitted on time. To make sure that all offers are treated equally, we have called this meeting, ”said Whichard-Brown.

“There will be no comment on the bids or the award of a bid until next Monday’s meeting,” she continued.

The first bid came from Jones & Smith Contractors for an amount of $ 125,000.

The second offer was from EH David Wrecking Co. for $ 944,000.

Before the meeting closed, Pearson thanked everyone for coming with a short motion.

A meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Monday August 16 to discuss and approve a bidder for the demolition project.

Thadd White is Group Editor for Bertie Ledger-Advance, Chowan Herald, Perquimans Weekly, The Enterprise & Eastern North Carolina Living. He can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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