A 22-year-old man was sentenced on Monday to six years in prison for convictions for burglaries and arson committed over the past three years in Carthage.

Justice Dean Dankelson gave Brayan Rehbach-Nolasco concurrent sentences of six years each for three counts of second-degree burglary and one count of second-degree arson, and ordered that the sentences be served at the treatment center state institution with a judicial review after 120 days for possible placement on probation.

The accused pleaded guilty to the charges on October 4 as part of a plea deal dismissing one count of first-degree arson and capping the jail term he could receive at six years.

Rehbach-Nolasco was arrested a year ago after two house fires in Carthage, including one on October 12 in a building at 525 N. Garrison Ave., where his sister lived with her two children.

Witnesses put him at the scene of the fire inside the sister’s apartment shortly before it ignited. He was seen knocking on the apartment door before leaving on foot.

The sister and her children, who were at home at the time, escaped unharmed. The sister told investigators she believed her brother was sleeping in the living room but did not know where he was when the fire broke out.

Extensive fire damage was reported in the apartment, as well as smoke and water damage in two other apartments.

The accused was arrested nine days later when he was discovered in bed in a house at 617 E. Sixth St. which had been damaged by fire the night before. He was said to have had a methamphetamine pipe and straw in bed with him when he was found by a police officer walking through the burnt down structure.

Video from a surveillance camera from the rue de Carthage department showed Rehbach-Nolasco near the fire 19 minutes before it was reported.

He was arrested three years ago at the age of 18 for breaking into two restaurants in Carthage the same evening.

Security video captured the accused and an accomplice forcibly entering El Charro on South Grand Avenue and attempting to disarm his alarm before driving off. He and an accomplice then entered the Taqueria Medina on East Central Street and stole the cash register as well as food and drink.

Rehbach-Nolasco recorded the third burglary count in April 2019 when Carthage police again found him asleep in a Baker Street house he had entered through an unlocked door.

The judge ordered the defendant to pay $ 1,575 in restitution in the burglary cases.