Afghan men, women and children will relocate to Charlotte and Asheville with transitional assistance for the next few months.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Soon Charlotte and Asheville will welcome a new group of evacuees from Afghanistan. It’s all part of the Refugee Resettlement Program from Catholic Dioceses of Charlotte which has been around for over 40 years.

But unlike in the past, Catholic Charities is now facing a major housing problem with the lack of rental housing available across the region.

“Housing is so tight at the moment that there are no units available”, regional director Sandy Buck noted. “We are not asking for specific units, we are looking for units that we can rent.”

The objective is to welcome 200 Afghan refugees in Charlotte as well as 40 who will be placed in Asheville. Once a rental house or apartment is found, it will be furnished. Then begins the process of transition of refugees – men, women and children – to their new normal.

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“Take a home visit and go through the culturally orientated topics and start the process to get them to apply for their public benefits like food stamps and Medicaid,” Buck said.

In addition to the Afghan evacuees, there are also at least 400 other refugees expected to come from elsewhere in Charlotte, making the need for housing even greater. But the ultimate reward is the cultural reward.

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“Sixty-one different nationalities that we’ve relocated just adds to this beautiful mosaic of the city of Charlotte,” Buck said. “It’s a very welcoming community and I think we’re better at it.”

If you have any accommodation available to rent or would like to donate assets like furniture, call 1-800-227-7261 or email [email protected]

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