Today’s batch of burning questions, my smart answers, and the real deal:

Question: They’re moving a lot of dirt in front of the football field on Sweeten Creek Road, and I wonder what’s going to happen in there?

My answer: I’m going to guess the biggest craft brewery we haven’t seen in Asheville yet. Or maybe they’re widening I-26 there.

True answer: I actually had the joy of covering this project through the adjustment board process, so I know a bit more. This is the 852 unit Busbee Apartments project just on the southern border of Asheville.

It’s technically in Buncombe County, so the County Board of Adjustment had the final say. Council approved the project in November 2020, after a seven-hour hearing.

Believe me, I’m still numb to that one in the areas best not to mention.

Either way, the developer, Flournoy Development Group LLC of Georgia, plans to build 852 multi-family apartments on a 331-acre property on Sweeten Creek Road from the Carolina Day School athletic fields. Plans for the project call for using just 133 acres of the site, grouping apartment buildings close to the causeway.

Development :Major Apartment Complex Demands Continue, 75-Unit Mobile Home Park OK

“The grading contractor has mobilized and commenced earthmoving operations and will soon follow with water, sewer, electrical and road infrastructure in support of the Busbee apartment development,” said the Buncombe County Planning Director Nathan Pennington via email May 17.

A Georgia development company plans to build 852 apartments and single-family units on a site off Sweeten Creek Road, south of Blue Ridge Parkway.

Ryan Foster, Flournoy’s senior vice president, said via email on May 17, “The clearance on Sweeten Creek Road is the start of our project. The first units will be available, hopefully in the fourth quarter of 2023. “

When the project was approved, Flournoy representatives said it will include 10 single-family homes at the rear of the development, each on at least a two-acre site, while the apartments will be near Sweeten Creek. Flournoy previously said he was targeting people aged 55 and over for the apartments, and he hopes the project will be built by 2024.

A Georgia development company plans to build 852 apartments and single-family units on a site off Sweeten Creek Road, south of Blue Ridge Parkway.  Plans call for 10 apartment buildings and several single-family units.

Biltmore Farms LLC sold the property, but Flournoy is the sole developer. While extensive land clearing is underway, Flournoy representatives have previously said the company will not be developing the higher slopes and will be using approximately 11 acres on the property’s northwest edge for a community park.

Answer man: “Mammoth bridge” in Enka? Plans for the old Brookwood golf course?

It has also pledged to preserve at least 15% of the tree canopy on the plot where the apartments will be developed, although overall tree canopy preservation will amount to approximately 50%.

Question: I was wondering if you have any idea about AT&T’s fiber optic internet coverage through Asheville and when/where they will expand to the Asheville area next. As one of many Asheville residents living in the less densely populated areas outside of town, I’ve always been skeptical of fiber coming. Trying to get specific information from the AT&T website regarding their progress is about as effective as trying to get helpful tech support from them, which is impossible. Do you have any recent information on AT&T’s progress?

My answer: Please be patient and an Answer Man service representative will be with you in 2023. Sorry, as an AT&T customer myself, I couldn’t resist.

True answer: AT&T spokesman Jim Kimberly responded by email.

Answer man: “Terrible” Verizon service in South Asheville? Why no seats in the waiting room?

“From 2018 to 2020, we expanded coverage and improved connectivity in more communities by investing nearly $1.8 billion in our wireless and wireline networks in North Carolina,” Kimberly said. “We are continually investing and growing our network, including our fiber footprint in communities like Asheville. Our investment decisions are based on many factors, such as network capacity, service demand and budget.”

I know it’s not a ton of information, but hey, it took me a month to get it. I am not joking…

Answer man: The AT&T tower is an “horror”? Plans for that? Female referees at the Tourists games?

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