A struggling apartment complex in the southern neighborhood of Franklinton in Columbus is being sued by the city attorney’s office for what it said are unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

The 356 Southpark Apartments are among the largest affordable housing developments in Columbus.

According to court documents, Columbus police received more than 800 property service calls between Aug. 1, 2021 and July 21, 2022, including “179 disturbances, 49 stolen vehicles, 51 incidents of domestic violence, 24 shootings , 9 stabbings, 7 overdoses and other criminal activities.”

An inspection last year revealed some 200 code violations ranging from cockroaches and rodents to missing smoke detectors, broken walls and windows and exposed wiring.

“These are the kinds of things that families went through on a daily basis. They weren’t fixed, there was no meaningful effort to get them fixed,” Klein said.

“Part of this court case is making sure we have court oversight to fix these things so that it’s safe, it’s a healthy, clean place for families to raise their children,” he said. declared.

Klein said his office has seen progress after intervening in other troubled properties, including Colonial Village and Nelson Park apartments on the east side of town.

“Families are doing a lot better. They’re thriving. They’re having economic opportunities. It’s safer. And so we hope that this model can now be used in Southpark and other large apartment complexes around Columbus,” said Klein.

Klein’s office asked the court to order Southpark management to come up with a plan to improve conditions for residents.

The owners could not be reached for comment.