Addition, Amish Heritage Homes Inc, 200 square foot shell added to existing building on existing slab, 3115 6th Ave S. Montana Southern Baptist Fello – $20,000

Fence/Roof/Siding, Lennick Bros. Roofing & Sheetm, remove existing membrane and replace with 60 mil tpi 60sq, 2615 4th Ave S, VTR Properties LLC – $8,000

Fence/roof/siding, Perfect 10 Roofing, tear off, replace with flat roof 60 mil epdm 80 sq. ft., 2420 13th SW, First Presbyterian Church – $135,000

Fence/roof/siding, Sprague Construction Roofing Division, rip and replace 4/12 pitch metal roof, 28 sq, 345 Main St, K&S Development LLC – $22,400

Fence/Roof/Siding, Donahue Roofing LLC, TPO Roof Ripping and Replacement, 151 sq. ft., 909 Wyoming Ave, Young Women’s Christian Associ – $260,296

New Warehouses/Storage, Bauer Construction, Homestead Storage, 3300 Central Ave, Central Capital LLC – $4,600,000

New Warehouses/Storage, 3300 Central Ave, Central Capital LLC – $0.00

People also read…

Renovation, B&W Builders, Daycare Renovation, 327 Calhoun Ln, Magic City Kids – $10,000

Renovation, Klein Construction LLC, demolition of janitor’s closet and storage rooms to add women’s locker room. Works include new toilets, hand washing sink, ventilation, lighting, floor, wall and ceiling finishes. Existing lockers will be moved to new space, 5121 Midland Rd, C&B Operations LLC – $45,000

Addition, Quality Canopy Construction Inc, installation of two (2) new fuel island canopies, 3875 King Ave W, Billings 13 RE LLC – $275,000

New Other, Knife River-Billings, New Dugout, 3700 Madison Ave, Billings Elementary School Dis – $38,400

New Townhouse Shell, Mccall Development, shell only, 6085 Northstead Ave, Mccall Development – $1,200,000

Remodeling, Remodeling Wood or Steel Studs in Existing Offices to Provide Non-Surgical Examination and Consultation Spaces, 2345 King Ave W, Kenny Buyers – $151,000

Renovation, mountain alarm, door lock, 2913 Millennium Cir, Meadow Lark Co – $4,700

Remodel, Big Phish, Install Drywall – Lower Wall for Command Center *note steel stud and sprinkler in middle, 2305 8th Ave N, City of Billings The – $3,050

Footing/Foundation, Mccall Development, building permit for foundation only for garages, 1654 St George Blvd, Mccall Homes – $40,000


New Restaurant/Casino/Bar, Cucancic Construction Inc, New Wendys, 4610 King Ave E, Wentana LLC – $1,000,000

Renovation, CBW Construction MT LLC, converting the existing window on the south side of the building into an additional access point. Will include removal of existing window. Masonry removal and saw cut of existing concrete slab to accommodate proper grade, 3021 3rd Ave N, 306 LLC – $10,000

Renovation, Capra Group Inc, interior renovation, 1310 Main St, Roland Wright – $5,000

Remodel, Squared Up, by squaring the facade on the front and the 2 sides of the building, adding a metal cladding and replacing the curved awnings with straight ones. Painting all walls and roof, 749 S 20th St W, BW Billings LLC – $5,000

Fence/Roof/Siding, Sprague Construction Roofing Division, Ripping and Replacing a TPO Roof, 40 sq. ft., 2520 2nd Ave N, City Loft Apartments – $37,903

New Other, Lees Construction & Development LLC, Construction of New Apartment Complex, 3580 Spring Wheat Ln, Lee’s Development LLC – $3,120,000

Remodel, TW Clark Construction LLC, remove and replace existing gymnasium mezzanine guards and stair railings, 2201 St Johns Ave, School District #2 – $190,000

Renovation, CBW Construction MT LLC, converting former Center for Children and Families facility into daycare. Fully sprinklered building that does not require sprinkler modifications due to installation of partial height walls ONLY (48″). Additional washroom provided to accommodate increased occupancy, 3021 3rd Ave N, Tabith Hines/Kessica Steele – $75,000

Renovation, Sawsquatch Builders LLC, ATM Wall, 207 N 28th St, Valley Federal Credit Union – $5,500

Remodel, Smooth Rock Drywall, interior demo and remodel, 80 25th St W, Mcnea Summers LLP – $20,000

Remodel, Tutt Construction, install a sliding curtain to divide the cafeteria into two sections. Ends of both sections would remain open, 2201 St Johns Ave, School District #2 – $15,980

Demolition Permit, Blount Construction Inc, route *15th to east laurel rd to so blgs blvd to landfill, 1604 Grand Ave, 1604 Grand LLC – $55,000

Fence/roof/siding, Kirkness Exteriors, Tear off and replace 12/12 pitch asphalt shingles, 160 sq, 918 Poly Dr, Earl L Herman Revocable Trust – $22,000