The Oswego Planning and Zoning Commission will this week review a plan for a proposed new apartment complex to feature more than 300 units in the village.

The commission will review the concept plan for Birchway Oswego, a 306-unit residential apartment development project on approximately 20 acres on Thursday south of Highway 34 and west of the Ogden Falls residential development.

Greystar Development Central LLC proposes to construct seven three-story buildings within the complex in accordance with the original R-4 zoning designated for the site. The property is currently zoned B-3 commercial/wholesale service and is vacant, village officials said.

There would be walking paths providing access between the buildings and a clubhouse and swimming pool at the western end of the proposed development, Oswego Director of Development Services Rod Zenner said in a report to commissioners. .

A dog park is proposed at the southeast corner of the site, village officials said.

“The easternmost portion of the site will remain open space to provide additional buffer space between development and the Ogden Falls development,” Zenner said.

The closest building to the proposed apartment complex would be about 210 feet from the nearest house in Ogden Falls, he said.

The property was annexed and rezoned to the R-4 General Residential District in 2006 as part of the Oswego Marketplace development. The planned unit development included commercial uses along Route 34, single-family homes to the south, and 144 townhouse units in the center of the 20-acre site.

However, no development has taken place on the property. In 2008 a revised concept plan was approved called the Streets of Oswego which converted the 20 acre site to allow for the development of additional commercial uses.

“The 2015 overall plan reflects the B-3 commercial zoning currently approved for the site as of 2008. Since the concept plan was approved 14 years ago, no development has taken place on the property,” said Zenner.

Linda Girardi is a freelance journalist for The Beacon-News.