HOLLIDAYSBURG — As rental rates rise and homes sell, Jim Hauck of the Blair County Department of Social Services said it’s time to consider creating affordable housing for residents.

At Tuesday’s meeting of commissioners, Hauck requested a disbursement from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund program of up to $150,000 to establish a sustainable housing program to be administered by the office of social services. It would provide up to $50,000 in funding for each of the three projects.

Finding affordable housing in the county is difficult, Hauck told commissioners.

During his presentation, Hauck said the plan is to create housing for low-to-moderate income households. In this zone, it is a household with an income of $40,850 or less.

To create new housing options, organizers would look at existing infrastructure as well as transportation and other amenities that would make the location convenient, he said.

affordable housing “is a problem in general in this county,” said Commissioner Bruce Erb.

The topic will be discussed at the commissioners’ business meeting on Thursday, Hauck said.

Also on the table at Thursday’s meeting will be upgrades to the county’s voter registration system.

Sarah Seymour, Chief Electoral Officer, seeks approval of a Notice of Intent to request Election Security Grant funds. The county aims to request $9,718 to be used for expenses related to the 2022 election and the implementation of

SUREVote, she said.

Transitioning to the SUREVote Voter Registration System “will require the upgrade of our computer system and also the purchase of portable scanners and printers”, said Seymour.

In other funding requests, Trina Illig, CDBG program administrator for the Blair County Planning Commission, said changing roof plans for the Fort Roberdeau Pavilion renovation project will increase costs by $656. Replacing the shingles with 26-gauge metal roofing panels will take the project from $40,732 to $41,388, she said. The change order is from John Claar Excavating Inc., and the stewards seemed to agree that the change was a good idea.

“I’m glad you’re doing this. Metal roofing is a better choice right now,” said Commissioner Amy Webster.

Also in Fort Roberdeau, manager Glen Nelson said plans are underway for a summer Stay & Play promotion. Advertisements will include live promotional mentions and directory listings and will be paid for by advertising funds from the Fort’s budget. A campaign promoting the Fort’s Star Spangled event will be funded by the Fort Roberdeau Association, Nelson said.

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