11Alive spoke to a former resident of the Cyan on Peachtree apartment and former employee of his property management company. Everyone had a different opinion.

ATLANTA — A Buckhead high-rise apartment is giving Airbnb the green light at its resort. Cyan on Peachtree Apartments has announced it is offering short-term rentals to help residents earn more income and get a better idea of ​​who is entering and leaving its doors.

This idea received mixed reactions from the community.

Jeanna Sawyer worked for Greystar, the property management company that owns Cyan on Peachtree. She left for another job two months ago, but remembers management talking about the idea.

“One day I remember being there and they were talking about the idea of ​​bringing Airbnb into the properties, but I didn’t think that would actually happen because there’s a lot of responsibility and stipulation behind that,” Sawyer said.

She thinks the introduction of short-term leases will increase crime.

“Their property is going to go to waste and their occupancy is going to be even worse,” Sawyer said. “There are going to be a lot more expulsions and a lot more things going to happen. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Meanwhile, former resident Deja Smith, who moved in February, says it has already happened in the building.

“You can’t stop it at the end of the day…every skyscraper or condo you go to is Airbnbing. I think they should do that for more condos as well,” she said.

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Smith says she would have rented her apartment if she was still living in the building.

“At the time, if I lived there and they allowed that … I would also put my place on Airbnb and make money from it,” she said. “I think that’s pretty cool.”

Cyan management sent an email notifying residents that they can now rent their apartment for up to 180 nights. The management would then receive 25% on each reservation.

“At this point, they’re now doing anything to generate revenue,” former property manager Sawyer said. “I feel like it started like this after the pandemic. I worked in property management during the pandemic and our occupancy went from high to next to nothing.”

Smith, on the other hand, says it will be beneficial for all parties involved.

“It’s cool, it’s…they’ve done it before, so if you can’t control the traffic that goes in and out of the tower, you might as well get your money and see who goes in and out “Smith said. “Now you can see faces and see who is entering and leaving your establishment.

In an email, Cyan management tells 11Alive that residents have already sublet their apartments without permission.

Regarding security, it is stated that guests will be required to provide government ID and that only guests with positive ratings from previous Airbnb rentals will be accepted.

For the full statement, scroll below.

Smith maintains that there are residents who have visitors whose records are not checked.

“Background checks aren’t really necessary unless there are multiple people in one environment,” Smith suggested. “But if there’s only one or two people coming into a unit, trying to rent a space for a night or two, let them be. Someone who has a unit, their family comes, you not sure if the family member is a criminal or not.”

On the other side of the coin, Sawyer says she feels passionate about not bringing short-term rentals to properties due to a personal experience she had during the Christmas holidays in 2019 while working for another property management company.

Instead of spending Christmas with her family, she says she had to help detectives solve a homicide on one of the properties – not Cyan. She claims it was related to short-term rentals not doing background checks.

“I pulled over, there was duct tape everywhere,” she said. “He was shot in the parking lot, I was told he was deceased. Come to find out that the tenant who occupied the unit – which at the time Airbnb was illegal, and your lease is terminated – she had no not just an apartment with us, she had an apartment on another street as well. She rented her apartment from Airbnb, it was related to her, and she became responsible for it. I had to terminate her lease immediately.

Airbnb’s website says it has the ability to perform background checks in the US, but does not do so for every reservation.

“We don’t do background checks routinely. We only do background checks in the US and India, and if we do, we only do it when we have at least the first and last name. name and dates of birth of the Host or Guests in some situations. Because we don’t have this information for everyone, we can’t guarantee that we’ve checked everyone.”

Sawyer believes this will lead to increased crime.

“I’ve been involved in crazy things happening on properties with [short-term rentals]. The crime rate is going to go up again, the property is going to be destroyed because you’re just letting everyone in,” she said.

Here is the full statement from Cyan management:

Our new program gives residents the opportunity to participate in short-term rentals in a way that allows the management team to have better oversight of the community. Although we currently have a Resident Addendum in place that prohibits Residents from subletting and advertising their apartments for short-term rentals, we believe that unauthorized short-term rental activity is occurring. produce unmanaged in our community and surrounding areas. This new program with Airbnb will give our property greater visibility, tools and controls so that residents who wish to earn additional income can now responsibly offer their units for short-term rental in accordance with community guidelines and accommodation established by the program. Residents who choose to participate in the program will be required to sign a new addendum to the lease, which includes specific rules and conditions for their participation. Residents and their Guests must acknowledge and agree to the Community Rules through the Platform. Customers must provide government ID and are screened. Only guests with positive reviews from previous Airbnb stays are accepted. The platform provides real-time visibility of the number of hosts and guests on site at all times. Hosts and guests can be deactivated from the platform if they do not follow the rules of the community and the accommodation. This new platform is a benefit to all residents as it will reduce the number of unauthorized short-term rentals in the community and allow residents to responsibly host their apartments through Airbnb.

Meanwhile, a city ordinance is trying to clamp down on Airbnbs in Atlanta. Under the proposal, people could only own two short-term rental units, and one must be their primary residence.

This could eliminate more than 4,000 Airbnbs from the city and increase penalties for people hosting loud parties.