Construction delays for a new apartment complex force future residents to stay in a hotel. Grace Everett | photo editor

By Ana Ruiz Bricson | news editor

About 40 students will pass Labor Day moving weekend of from one hotel to another or looking for accommodation after several construction delays on a Waco apartment complex.

The Row, an apartment complex located at 1624 S. 10e St., is still under construction — long past his original moving date program for August 17.

On August 12, future residents of The Line received an email from Brothers Management with an update from Mark Boozer, co-owner of .

“While Mark and the builder had hoped that The Row would be completed by August 17, 2022, unfortunately move-in day is going to be delayed,” the said in the email from Brothers Management. “Mark and the builder think the delay will only be about a week, you can move in on August 24, 2022. August 24 2022 is not a firm date, but it is the target date they are planning.

Management of brothersstatement from The Baylor Lariat, their company runs The Row for the owner and oversees communicateon with its inhabitants.

In this case, we help the residents of the property with other housing options at management and on behalf of landowners,” the Brothers Management statement read.

Danville, , sophomore Ainsley Gibbs signed her lease with The Row in May 2022. She said throughout the summer, future residents never received updates on how construction of the apartment complex was underway. She says she and others assume the property would be completed on the move-in date declared in the lease.

“As I was driving to Baylor, we received an email saying [move-in] was going to be pushed back a week, and our scheduled move-in date would be the 24th,” Gibbs said.

Additionally, future residents were informed in the email that hotel rooms were reserved for them at The Element Waco and that reserved for storing their belongings — both covered by Brothers Management.

the construction delay was due to challenges similar to those the industry has experienced over the past 12 to 18 months, including labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.

to bring the elements she would need a hotel room. She said she left the rest of her personal stuff business in a storage unit she had rented for the summer.

August 17 — five days after the original email — future residents received another email from Brothers Management notify them another delay.

“A more realistic move-in date will be September 14, 2022,” the email from Brothers Management said. “If the units are ready and the certificate of occupancy is issued before September 14, 2022, you will of course be informed and authorized to move in at that time.”

The email, however, did not state that The Row residents staying at The Element should leave the hotel. by Labor Day weekend.

On August 29, the future residents received another email from Brothers Management asking them to move that same weekend.

“We to have to do the same for everyone.

Residents received the option to move to the La Quinta hotel or stay at another hotel of their choice, but they have been warned that they will be only get reimbursed t. Receipts are obligatory for obtain repayment.

“We recognize and regret the inconvenience this has caused,” Boozer said via email. “We were proactive in arranging alternative accommodations until construction was complete.”

Additionally, Boozer said his team is working with multiple hotel partners to to bring alternative accommodation for future residents. He said they would continue to do so until the construction was completed.

When coming residents of The Row have signed their leases, they too signD a new construction amendment in case the apartments were not completed by original move-in date.

“The owner will attempt to allow more than sufficient time to complete construction,” the addendum reads. “However, the tenants hereby understand that the construction could maybe delay planned move-in date due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control. »

Gibbs said she felt the deal was a bit misleading because no construction updates were sent to future residents throughout the summer.

“The only updates I received from the property were from my roommates who are from Texas driving and taking videos of the progress,” Gibbs said. “I just remember my roommate fell in June, and she took a video, and i was,JHats not will be ready by move-in.‘”

Chanhassen, , Sophomore Emily Wilson said when she arrived at The Element she was told by reception that there would not be enough availability for all The Row residents after September 3. . Brothers Management, however, told all tenants of The Row they had to move out on August 29.

“In the circumstances they were very accommodating and did their best to make this as easy as possible because it’s a bad situation for all of us,” Wilson said.

Wilson too says that like residents, she knows it has also put Bear Waco Land Investors in a tough spot.