The developers are also proposing to add a pedestrian access walkway along the east side of the site to link Mill Plain Boulevard to the cemetery and nearby schools. The project would include 409 parking spaces, according to the site plan.

The project would apparently involve the demolition of the existing shopping center. The pre-application brief doesn’t say so directly, but the included site diagram shows residential buildings spread across the property, overlapping the mall’s current footprint.

DevCo and Blueline did not return calls seeking comment. A pre-application conference with the city is scheduled for October 7 at 10 a.m.

Height plan

The 205-acre Heights District covers the entire area between Mill Plain Boulevard, MacArthur Boulevard and Andresen Road in central Vancouver, as well as some adjacent parcels across those roads. In addition to Park Hill and Heights shopping centers, it includes Park Hill Cemetery, three schools, and Tower Mall.

The Vancouver Heights District Plan aims to guide the redevelopment of the area, transforming it into a major urban area with a high density residential and commercial presence. The city council adopted the final version of the plan in early August, ending more than three years of work.

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