Tenants are asking for immediate repairs to their homes, damages for their losses, and adequate temporary housing and transportation until complex renovations are complete. The complaint also seeks to ban The Michaels Organization from participating in future RAD projects.

A spokeswoman for RRHA said the agency had not commented on the complaint.

Curtis Adams, vice president of The Michaels Organization, said the company was preparing a formal response to the allegations of the complaint, but the complaint was not completed by Friday afternoon.

However, he said the developer “inherited” the installation issues at the Fulton complex that were described in the complaint.

“These issues go back to long before Michaels took over the property,” said Adams. “We are investing $ 100,000 in construction per unit. True, by the end of the rehabilitation many of these issues that residents unfortunately face will no longer be a problem, but it takes time for all of these repairs to take place. “

Not all of the problems were inherited, say residents and advocates. Since work on the property began, the neighborhood has evolved into a construction zone, with demolished materials piled up in yards where children play and residents shop to and from the parking lot. The tripping hazards remained even after residents opposed them.