Posted: Aug 15, 2021 8:00 AM

As the summer softball season gives way to the start of football, what better way to top things off than with a good ol ‘pigskin slugfest?

Second-seed Forest Construction Company accumulated a dozen points in the first inning en route to a 22-16 victory over seeded Dental Associates in the Newtown Women’s Softball League Championship game at Treadwell Park on August 6.

Jahna Ronca scored a two-point brace to trigger this great opening round. Ella Iszczyszyn had a triple in the victory.

Dental Associates did not come down quietly. Caitlin Henke and Tori Tompkins both scored homers, and Tompkins had a two-run triple. Rosie Jackman also had a triple for Dental Associates.

Forest Construction beat No.3 Castle Hill Chocolate 12-8 in the playoff semifinals on August 2, and Dental Associates beat No.4 Fairfield Home Loans 14-11 in the other semi.

The members of the Forest Construction team are Chris Jannott, Sara Thompson, Kathy DeAngelis, Jahna Ronca, Christine Jelenik, Ella Iszczyszyn, Juli Soracin, JoAnn Jeche, Chris Clark, Laura Nelson, Rose Pagett, Donna Doyle, Lexi Tucker, Annie Hoffman , Kristen Judson, Jaimy Fellin, Kristen Brassard, Lauren Wilcox and Kristen Guillet.

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The Forest Construction Company-sponsored team celebrated their 22-16 victory over Dental Associates in the championship game on August 6. —Bee photos, Hutchison

Forest Construction outfielder Chris Jannott retrieves the ball from the infield as Kathy DeAngelis (no 3) and Laura Nelson wait for the pitch.

Dental Associates player Kayla Mesko takes a cut from the batter’s box.

Dental Associates player Cam Powers puts her bat on the ball during Summer League action.

Lauren Nelson of Forest Construction continues her momentum this season.

Castle Hill Chocolate player Nikki Fossum hits the ball during a game at Dickinson Park this summer.

Emily Marshall takes a hit for the Fairfield Home Loans sponsored team in a game at Treadwell Park this season.

JoAnn Jeche of Forest Construction throws the ball after making a grab into the right field during the title game.

Dental Associates pitcher Ashley Thomas throws the ball.

Chris Jannott is about to pitch the bat.

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