FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Smoking in or around apartments and condos may soon be illegal in Fresno.

On Thursday, a new ordinance sponsored by City Council members Tyler Maxwell and Nelson Esparza will be presented to Fresno City Council.

If passed, the ordinance would make it illegal for people to smoke inside rental units with a shared wall.

Maxwell says that many people already suffer from respiratory problems due to factors beyond their control, such as poor air quality.

The ordinance would ban cigarettes, vaping, marijuana and cigars indoors.

If a tenant does not comply, they face a fine.

“We don’t allow smoking inside restaurants. We don’t allow smoking within 20 feet of buildings or parks. For some reason, we allowed it to continue inside. apartment complexes where we know the smoke is going through the ventilation system to neighboring families, which is not fair to these people, ”said Maxwell.

Smoking in private spaces, such as balconies or patios, and in swimming pools and other common areas is always the subject of discussion.

Maxwell says code enforcement would treat potential violations the same way they would treat a barking dog complaint or loud music complaint.

If passed, Maxwell says there would be an educational grace period and no fines would likely be imposed until next year.

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