Planning permission has been granted for 41 apartments on the site of a rejuvenated shopping center in South Dublin, despite residents’ claims the development will negatively impact property values ​​in the area.

Phase two of the project’s residential element at the Frascati Center in Blackrock will see the construction of eight two-bed, 18 one-bed and 15 studio units, arranged in a U-shaped block around a central communal courtyard.

In granting permission to the IMRF II Frascati Ltd partnership, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council said it was satisfied the proposal would not significantly harm amenities in the area and complied with the provisions of the current development plan.

However, in a submission to the local authority, the Frascati Park Residents Association said the proposed development would result in a “sharp reduction” and depreciation in the value of their properties.

They also claimed that the new apartments would result in a loss of privacy, sunlight and residential amenity.

Residents described the developer’s attempts to mitigate the height of the final phase through landscaping and wayfinding as ‘insufficient’ and claimed they continued to experience ‘high levels of noise pollution’ from the center of Frascati.

“For the hardest hit residents, this development is a simple transfer of wealth and amenities from their primary residential accommodation to the developer,” their submission reads.

Residents also oppose separate plans by the same company for 98 additional apartments on the Frascati Center site, with a decision on that request expected later this year.