GREENWICH — Construction work on a new large apartment building on lower Milbank Avenue is progressing at a rapid pace, causing disruption in central Greenwich.

Late last year, extensive demolitions rocked the neighborhood. Local residents compared the explosions to earthquakes or major car crashes.

Now, following the demolitions, a foundation has been laid and the structure is beginning to rise over the two-building apartment complex on Milbank Avenue.

Mary Kaliko, a nearby resident, said the work caused a lot of noise and disruption in the residential area.

“It’s a huge job for a narrow street,” she said. “We no longer had explosions, but continuous truck traffic. And the fumes, a lot of pollution. I feel sorry for the folks at Agnes Morley (a nearby seniors’ residential complex). But what can you do?”

Another nearby resident said the demolition work was surprising to downtown residents. “You can’t catch your breath. You don’t know what’s going on,” recalls Tabitha Young, president of the board of directors of the association of the owners of her building.

The project is being undertaken by Milbank Development and Belpointe Capital. Calls and messages to Belpointe were not returned this week.

When complete, the structure at 255 Milbank off Havemeyer Place will have 30 residential units. The project has a long and controversial history in the city.

In 2017, the Planning and Zoning Commission rejected an earlier proposal to build there, and a lawsuit was later filed in state superior court for that denial. A revised plan that reduced most of the structure was cleared in a court settlement two years later.

According to the approved plan, the structure was divided into two separate wings and new design features were added in an effort to reduce the structure’s footprint. The completed structure will be 46,622 square feet.

During the first proposal, residents collected 150 signatures on a petition opposing the project. A number of old houses in the area have been demolished to make way for the new housing complex.

The construction of Milbank is one of many development projects which have remade the fabric of central Greenwich in recent years.

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