Vancouver continues to see the most expensive rent in the country.

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Vancouverites continue to see the highest rental prices in Canada in January 2022 despite a slight drop in prices this month compared to last.

Rent.liv., a Vancouver-based rental platform, creates monthly rent reports for the area and finds that Metro Vancouver has seen a significant increase in prices.

“Following last month’s dramatic price changes, rental prices in Vancouver have maintained their highest highs into the new year, with average rent just $ 4 below December levels,” the company explains. .

Despite a sudden jump from $ 1,791 in November to $ 1,831 in December, average rents have held up in many cities in Metro Vancouver and now stand at $ 1,827 total for a one-bedroom apartment. unfurnished as the new year approaches.

Victoria has the second highest rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment at $ 1,811. After Victoria, there’s Toronto, with a room costing $ 1,1678. Ottawa has the fourth highest rent at $ 1,495.

Average Rent in Metro Vancouver

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In Richmond, tenants now have to shell out significantly more for a furnished apartment, with the average unit price rising 68.4% since last month. West Vancouver and Coquitlam also saw huge increases for furnished units, gaining 33.26% and 20% respectively.

For unfurnished one-bedroom units, Surrey saw the largest increase this month with prices rising 9.6%. In contrast, New Westminster prices fell 7.16%.

Prices remained mostly stable in downtown Vancouver as the new year approached, with rents for furnished accommodation only slightly down (0.41%) and unfurnished accommodation only falling. than 6.11%.