Many resorts have designated quiet hours at night, so everyone can enjoy a peaceful sleep. These hours are generally intended to help reduce disputes between neighbors and reduce the likelihood of noise-related complaints (via Pay the rent). To be a more considerate resident, during quiet hours you should probably turn off your stereo, put off noisy DIY projects, and try not to stomp on your downstairs neighbor’s ceiling.

Does that mean you can’t have fun? Of course not. Maybe just invest in a pair of comfortable, high-quality headphones so you can always enjoy your movies and music at full volume. And don’t forget to consider the noise level in your car. This thumping bass can be heard in every apartment you pass when you get home or go out for the evening, so keep it subdued until you hit the road.

Of course, it is impossible to be silent all the time. But if you have an unavoidable noise situation, like a crying baby, it can help to warn your neighbors with an apology. Social media has seen several of these neighborhood notes go viral, with an outpouring of sympathy and positive feedback from users. You can even find sample letters to help you formulate your apology (via By taking responsibility for the noise — and perhaps offering a kind gesture, like free earplugs — you can stay on your neighbors’ good side despite the racketeering.