SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Hundreds of people in San Francisco are scrambling to find housing after their building flooded on Friday. Building management said a water leak caused the flooding and everyone was to stay outside the building for several days.

More than 400 residents of 33 Tehama were displaced on Friday evening. Water flooded the 382-unit tower after a pipe burst at the top of the building.

“It’s incredibly confusing not knowing where I’m going to sleep.” said Austin Caldwell, a displaced resident. “I mean, there are parents in the building who have kids going to summer school.”

Caldwell is among hundreds of residents who were forced to evacuate immediately.

Since then, Hines, the property development and management company, has been booking people into nearby hotels.

“As of yesterday, it basically became a building lottery system,” Caldwell said. “There is no rhyme or reason with the building they are moving for. Honestly, it looks like a game of chess we’re playing with the building. »

Caldwell says some people have been moved to a new location each day, others to south San Francisco. Some were not so lucky.

“I got an email saying you would have a place to stay tonight and then I just didn’t hear from them for 24 hours and had to take matters into my own hands and book my own hotel,” said Kailee Jordan, another 33 Tehama resident.

Jordan is now nearly $5,000 out of pocket. After booking a hotel room from Monday to Friday this week, she said finding an available room was both tricky and extremely expensive due to several conferences in the city this week. Hines said management would reimburse residents, but did not specify how much.

“It’s such a shame that there were so many misunderstandings and that they weren’t prepared for an emergency like this,” Jordan said.

Caldwell says it’s not the first time either. He and his partner were flooded from their apartment at 33 Tehama in August and were displaced for several weeks.

Currently, most residents have accommodation until Saturday. However, Caldwell said he doesn’t know what will happen next or where they will go. As of Tuesday, building management says it has no reopening schedule.