PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – After heavy rains and strong winds, residents of Phoenix were cleaning up and assessing the damage left on Saturday. Crews had to clean out a carport at an apartment complex on 19th Avenue and Thunderbird Road due to monsoon storms. The roof collapsed on dozens of cars during the overnight storm. They spent most of Saturday breaking up the pieces of the carport and making a pile for the debris to be transported.

Strong winds uprooted a massive tree and it fell in the covered parking lot. Neighbors say they heard a loud boom and the carport also collapsed. A woman whose car was damaged in the storm said she had not experienced such a severe monsoon storm in years. “The damage is a bit sad,” she said, “destroyed the apartment complex. God knows how long it will take to fix it. I am certainly sad for my car. I just hope that. it will be fixed quickly. “

2 dead, 30 people rescued from rooftops in Gila Bend due to heavy flooding

At Moon Valley Bible Church in north Phoenix, the power of the monsoon caused a massive hole in the building’s ceiling and the roof collapsed. “When we saw the hole it was just shocking,” said Pastor Bob Kerrey. “We saw water pouring from every door in the building.”

He said the church was filled with four inches of water. The room where the roof collapsed was for storage and no one was inside. For that, Kerrey is grateful. “It doesn’t stop us from bringing our community to life. It’s a downside,” Kerrey said.

The church has insurance, but it is not known how long the repairs will take. For now, the services will take place virtually.

Some apartments near Central Avenue and Bell Road were ransacked due to all the wind rain. People who live there say the water started entering through their doors around 9 p.m. Friday night, quickly reaching around 4 feet. They said it was so bad that the water started to bubble in their sinks.

Locals say it only took 10 minutes for water to fill their homes. “Literally in the blink of an eye. Walked through, swept it all away. Like, literally all ripped apart, ”one man said. The Red Cross helps them as they begin to clean up.

Cars and carports were damaged at an apartment complex north of Phoenix due to heavy monsoon storms overnight.

The power of the monsoon storms also cut power to hundreds of people in Phoenix. Near 27th Avenue and Pima Road, APS workers were busy fixing utility poles and repairing lines. By 5 p.m., most of the electricity had been restored with the exception of a few dozen customers.

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