Neighbors at an apartment complex in Bridgeport say they live with a large rodent infestation and receive little help to alleviate the problem.

Rosetta Melton and her neighbors in Bridgeport Commons on Central Avenue tell News 12 the infestation is so bad they’ve seen rodents fall through ceiling panels directly onto them.

Melton, a full-time social worker and counselor for New York State, says the psychological impact of living with rodents cannot be overstated.

“We’re in our bed at night and we hear scratching on our bed because there are raccoons, mice and squirrels coming through the walls,” she said.

They say they’ve filed multiple complaints with city health officials, but resort officials have been unable to handle the issue.

The complex also has a problem with poor insulation. During the cold months, residents have extremely high electricity bills. Some have posted utility bills of over $800 for a single month, which is more than their rent in some cases.

They have contacted members of the Connecticut delegation to Congress, who say they will report the situation to federal housing officials and request a rent reduction on the grounds that the property’s landlords, who accept rental vouchers from the 8, violate their contract with the federal government.