DULUTH, Minn – The Aery apartment complex in Hermantown opened in October but is experiencing construction delays due to shortages in the supply chain.

The 147-unit complex is owned by P&R Properties and has been under construction for 14 months.
Floors three, four and five are occupied by tenants, but the second floor will not be finished until December due to some delays with appliances.

“We’re very lucky here at Aery, where a lot of things have been ordered, but there are delays on some, you know, essentials,” said Megan Holsclaw, P&R operations manager. “Patio doors and light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, where we just had to look outside the box – find alternative sources. “

The shortage of the national supply chain affects various industries, forcing companies like P&R to find sourcing alternatives.
However, the new Hermantown complex is on track to be fully finished with the building by the original deadline, rain or shine.

“We’re only missing a few different pieces that are critical to opening up some of our amenity areas, so we’ve been working really hard on the timelines and we’re committed to bringing these products in,” Holsclaw said.

Right now, Aery is 80% leased, including the second floor they are still working on. P&R Properties currently has five apartment complexes open with two more expected to open over the next two years.

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