The cluster of new apartments on the main street of Winooski continues to grow. Sisters and Brothers Investment Group, led by Joe Handy, plans to build a five-story, 72-unit apartment building at 379 and 381 Main Street near Winooski Schools.

The project, still awaiting city and state permits, will consist primarily of one- and two-bedroom apartments with a few studios. Joe Handy said 20% of the units in the new complex will be affordable housing and the rest will be rented at market prices, ranging from $1,600 to $1,800 per month.

Architectural drawings show space for four commercial tenants on the ground floor and 22 parking spaces, all of which will be located below the four apartment floors. An additional surface lot of 98 places is proposed for the thin but long strip of land behind the complex.

The apartment building would replace two single-family homes, one of which is currently abandoned (381 Main Street) according to the project description submitted to the City. Handy said the Sisters and Brothers Investment Group is buying 379 and 381 Main St. as well as the empty land at 35 Bellevue St. as part of an overall offer.

In the past year, two other apartment complexes have been planned or built in the same block, including the luxury City Gardens apartment complex built by Dagesse Co. and the “second part” of the apartment complex at 348 Main St. owned by Jeff Meyers. Both only offer one bedroom apartments and studios.

In total, the three new apartment complexes will add 126 units to Winooski’s housing market, with most being one-bedroom apartments or studios.

There will be 22 covered parking spaces located on the ground floor as well as a plot of 98 spaces above ground.  The first groundbreaking is estimated in the spring of 2023.

nuts and bolts

Address: 379 and 381 Main Street, Winooski

Innovative: Spring 2023 (pending authorization)

Expected completion: Spring 2024

What is built: A 72-unit building with commercial space on the ground floor


  • 56 one-bedroom apartments, 12 two-bedroom apartments and 4 studios
  • bike room
  • washer-dryer in the unit for one and two bedroom apartments and a common laundry room on each floor
  • 22 underground parking spaces and 98 surface spaces
  • private balconies

Previously here: Two single-family homes

What’s in the neighborhood:

  • Apartments City Gardens
  • Citgo and Winooski Food Mart
  • Winooski Schools
  • Vietnamese coffee Pho Dang
  • Pecor Auto Sales
  • Ishu hair salon
  • Heavenly Beauty Spa
  • Nada International Market
  • Community bank
  • Walgreens

Project cost: Estimates vary between $14 and $18 million

Developer: Sisters and Brothers Investment Group (Handy family)

Architect: G4 design studios

Engineer: O’Leary-Burke Civil Associates

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