A biker allegedly set off a commercial-grade explosive outside the door of a Brooklyn apartment, blowing up windows and at least one door before moving around and smashing car windshields in the neighborhood early Friday, the district attorney.

A report of the explosion at the three-story Madison Street building in Stuyvesant Heights arrived around 8 a.m. The FDNY only said it had received a call about the smoke 15 minutes earlier.

“I would call it a firecracker but it was bigger than that,” District Attorney Eric González told reporters near the scene a few hours later.

“There is a video of the incident. We can see him igniting the explosive device, he blows up the windows, he damages an interior door, he blows into the door of a victim independent of the case,” he said. added González.

Police officials say they identified the person of interest who drove away from the apartment on an off-road motorcycle, but not before damaging more than a dozen cars in the neighborhood.

A car windshield is punctured by what police believe is a hammer.

González and investigators believe the suspect took a hammer on around 14 cars parked along the street from the apartment.

Detectives are still piecing together a possible motive for the suspect’s bizarre and dangerous behavior, but officials at the scene say the suspect has two children in common with a woman who lives on that street.

No arrests were made and no injuries were immediately reported.

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