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The proposed project is located right next to single family homes and across from a liquor store. (Hover your cursor over the image then move the cursor). (Photos – Aril G Arambula,

The developer may have abused the new county ordinance.

By Ari Gutierrez Arambula

The Affirmed Housing Group has asked the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department to construct a five-story, 96-unit, studio, and one-bedroom apartment building at 2439-2445 Lincoln Avenue in Altadena, Calif., To expedited approval. . However, residents are concerned about the height and density of the project, the location in a residential neighborhood, the environmental safety of the site, and the long-term operation of the low-cost housing.

The Los Angeles County By-Right Ordinance, effective April 8, 2021, is part of a new rationalization strategy to meet affordable housing needs in unincorporated areas of the county. It allows developers to obtain approval of plans that comply with all zoning and land use regulations at the Planning Department counter. It also exempts the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) request and public hearings.

Too big and out of character and scale

In their petition, residents point out that buildings at the project site are zoned to a maximum of 35 feet by the CSD Altadena (Community Standard District). At 64 feet, 5 stories high, the building exceeds the zoned height allowed for a residential neighborhood. “The building is on 1/8 of an acre, too big and out of character and scale for the residential area. The parking is ridiculous, 32 parking spaces for 120 residents, what a joke! says Alonzo Edwards, President of the Windsor-Arroyo Neighborhood Association.

Short and long term effects

The site of the planned social housing project is a former gas station. Residents want an environmental study and cleanup of contaminants that could endanger the health of neighbors exposed during construction as well as future residents.

The residents of Altadena are concerned about the short and long term effects of this ultra low income housing project on the community. The project has planned 50% of the units to house homeless elderly people. No information has been provided to the public on the health, mental health and financial support programs that are likely to be administered to residents.

The project is located near a primary school and residents want to know how the safety of children in the area will be ensured. In addition, no information was provided to the community on how the project will be sustained after the expiration of the initial 15-year contract with the Affired Housing Group.

Resident’s petition exceeds 450 signatures, asks Los Angeles County 5e District Supervisor Kathryn Barger will suspend project approval and address residents’ concerns. The October 21, 2021 approval deadline is fast approaching and residents fear the acceleration of low-rental housing unfairly meets residential zoning criteria, quality of life concerns and even environmental safety.

Public comments regarding the Altadena development of the asserted housing group should be submitted to the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department at Sussy Nemer at [email protected] and Savannah Moore at [email protected].

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