The iconic Scapoose Peace candle remains proud and faithful, resisting the demolition of surrounding buildings and the construction of a new apartment on its site along Highway 30.

The iconic Scapoose Peace Candle remained in place after neighboring buildings on the property adjacent to Highway 30 were demolished to make way for the new apartment complex.

take shape

This photo from January shows the construction of the new apartments adjacent to the Bougie de la Paix.

Rehabilitating the Peace Candle has been a goal of Scappoose City Council since 2015, according to a statement from the Town of Scappoose.

“Over the past year, an opportunity to protect and rehabilitate the Peace Candle has presented itself,” the statement said, adding that the developer and owner of the land on which the Peace Candle sits has agreed. to work with the town of Scappoose to protect the candle.

Peace Candle’s renovations will include a fresh coat of paint.

Choice of colors

This image shows the three color choices of Peace Candle. A proposed change to the flame pictured here was not accepted by Scapoose City Council.

According to the city, the candle was historically coated in real wax, in what appears to be a variety of colors. The wax was found to be non-durable, the wax was removed and the silo was painted, the statement said. The Peace Candle has gone through a number of colors during its lifetime. The original color when the candle was built was closer to off-white, the color of natural candle wax. At one point, the candle was painted yellow, which lasted through the early to mid-1990s, and was later painted red, the color it is today.

Choice of colors

This image shows the three color choices of Peace Candle. A proposed change to the flame pictured here was not accepted by Scapoose City Council.

The Town of Scapoose is seeking feedback on the paint color the community prefers. The off-white color would allow future installation of LED mood lighting to project color onto the candle, similar to the fountain sculpture in Heritage Park at night.

The flame assembly at the top of the candle will not change, according to city officials.

Work to clear the surrounding area at the Peace Candle site for an 80-unit apartment complex began in late 2020. Portland development company WDC Properties purchased the property in 2019.

The developer said the eco-designed rental units will be split across two buildings with parking for residents and also for Peace Candle visitors. The new 80-unit apartment project, called Candlelight Apartments, is expected to open in fall 2022.

“The candle will remain a bright light and a reminder to all that there is hope for world peace,” said Mark Madden, Founder and CEO of WDC Properties.

The Peace Candle stands 50 feet tall and can be seen by travelers along Highway 30 as they enter and exit Scapoose.

The candle, built by a farmer and his family, was erected as a symbol of world peace in 1971 by Oregon Governor Tom McCall. To this day, the structure resides in the hearts of many Scapoose residents, as it has maintained its integrity for 50 years, according to a statement from WDC Properties.

The City of Scapoose Peace Candle Colors survey is open until May 1, 2022. Those taking the survey have the following options for returning their color vote:

Mail: Town of Scappoose 33568 E. Columbia Ave, Scappoose, OR 97056,

Hand delivery : Scappoose City Hall or by placing the survey in the city drop box in the back parking lot.

For more information, contact the Town of Scapoose at 503-543-7146