PAWTUCKET, RI (WPRI) – A Pawtucket man has been charged with vandalism after he apparently smashed windows and slashed the tires of more than a dozen cars at the apartment building where he lives, authorities say.

Brian Franklin, 51, is accused of causing havoc at Coats Manor, the same building where a resident died in a fire earlier this month.

A police report obtained by 12 News reveals that Franklin admitted to officers that he slashed the tires of 16 vehicles in the parking lot on Tuesday night.

“He was walking around with a knife,” said resident Elianis Cruz, adding that Franklin was arrested after being caught in the act.

But that’s not all. Franklin also admitted to throwing pots and pans through the windows of two apartments, according to the police report.

Residents of those two apartments told officers they were on their couches when they heard glass shattering. When they went to investigate, the police report said the two residents found someone had smashed their windows.

The police report states that Franklin told officers that he “occasionally gets angry and breaks things to calm his mind.” When he admitted what he had done, Franklin smiled and told officers it was “a pretty normal day for him.”

This isn’t the first time Franklin has done this, either. The police report states that, two days before the fatal fire, Franklin was arrested for puncturing tires in the parking lot.

Cruz argues that Franklin should have been kicked out at the time, adding that she thinks that may have prevented the most recent incident.

“It’s ridiculous,” Cruz said. “He should have been kicked out of the premises.”

Cruz said Franklin punctured her car’s tires both times, adding that she didn’t notice her tires were punctured until she was already on her way to school Wednesday morning.

“Most of the people who live here are retired or living check to check,” Cruz said. “I live with my grandmother and that’s basically what she does, so we don’t have the money to buy a tire every two weeks.”

Cruz said his neighbors were equally outraged and they hope the owners will take action to make the property safer.

“We wish there was more security,” she said. “Apparently there’s a security guard at night, but I’ve never seen one.”

12 News contacted the Ferland Corporation, which owns Coats Manor, for comment, but did not hear back.

Franklin was charged with 17 counts of vandalism. He was arraigned on Wednesday and his bail was set at $5,000 personal recognizance.