More apartments may come to Dartmouth.

A developer hopes to replace eight trailers with eight apartments on a Fenton Street site, located near Cross Road near Target.

The zoning appeal board heard the proposal for a townhouse-style apartment building at its May 25 meeting. A special permit is required by the Zoning Board because the lot is in an Aquifer Protection District.

If approved by the city, the plot would see a central building with eight two-bedroom units that would be connected to the city’s sewer system, as well as the placement of a new road.

The property currently contains eight trailers which are connected to an outdated sewer and septic tank.

“It’s something we’re looking to improve significantly,” said attorney John Markey, who represents owners Tony and Susan. Antunes. “[With] the improvements we’re making, we feel are actually better for the neighborhood – there’s nowhere else near here that has this existing septic system, cesspit and trailers.

Seven of the trailers are currently occupied. According to Markey, if the project is approved, current tenants would have the option of renting one of the apartments.

“My clients don’t co-own it, they rent it,” he said.

At the meeting, some of the scorers expressed concern over a potential rise in the water table due to stormwater runoff.

“A lot of things are overflowing in this area,” said York Street resident Anette Conrad.

Markey assured residents that his client would work with city departments to ensure the building complied with all city bylaws.

He added that if residents find any issues if the project continues, they are more than welcome to express their displeasure to the city or the Department of Environmental Protection.

“It’s not like these guys are giving me the keys to the car,” he said. “There are a series of toll booths that we have to stop at and you can always stop at. That’s why we want to get dialogue.

Zoning Board member Halim Choubah said he was a fan of the project.

“Overall it’s going to be an improvement,” he said. “It’s something that’s needed in town – I think we probably all appreciate more apartments in town.”

Despite the praise, the Zoning Board eventually voted to continue with the hearing in order to prepare a formal decision.

The project will then be discussed at the Zoning Board meeting on June 8.