Posted: Jan 31, 2022 8:00 AM

After months of deliberation, the Newtown Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) issued its decisions for three applications for a three-story apartment building at 35 South Main Street at its January 20 meeting.

Robert Sherwood was the applicant who wanted the building to consist of 13 one-bedroom apartments, 12 two-bedroom apartments and 2 three-bedroom apartments. The proposed property is located across from Modzelewski’s Towing & Recovery Inc and adjacent to Chintz-N-Prints.

Sherwood’s demands for ownership of 35 South Main Street were:

Request 21.28 to change the zone from R-1/2 to South Main Village Design District #11 (SMVDD11);

Application 21.29 for a text amendment to the Newtown Zoning By-law for a new South Main Village Design District (SMVDD11) located at 35 Main Street South to permit the construction of a three-storey residential apartment building; and

21.30 request for a site development plan to enable apartments located in the South Main Village Design District.

The public has had the opportunity to provide input at previous P&Z meetings, and the majority who spoke expressed concerns about the apartment proposal. Issues included, but were not limited to, its potential negative impact on already congested traffic in the area, light pollution, drainage issues, and being unsuitable for South Main Street.

P&Z Chairman Dennis Bloom began the Jan. 20 meeting with a discussion among committee members about the three nominations.

“My problem is the height of the building. You walk in and out of the historic district, and I just don’t see the fit,” Bloom said.

Other members of the commission agreed with him.

Longtime local real estate professional P&Z Alternate Member Connie Widmann said “there is a need for alternative housing,” but she felt an apartment building would be a better fit for the location than business development.

Land Use Agency planning director George Benson mentioned that people have been looking at the property for “auto parts stores and all sorts of commercial development” but maybe just a proposal alternative accommodation “might be suitable”.

Widmann replied, “I would hate to see an auto parts store or commercial facility there that wasn’t as attractive as this building. Although this is a transitional location on South Main Street, we still need to be very careful with development. It has development potential. »

When the commission finished discussing the proposed apps, P&Z member Corinne Cox read the following from the filing:

“Be it resolved that Application 21.28 by Robert Sherwood, for a change of zone, for a property located at 35 Main Street South, to change the zone from R-1/2 to South Main Village Design District #11 (SMVDD11 )… hereby found to be inconsistent with the Conservation and Development Plan and will be disapproved if it is further resolved that this disapproval shall take effect on February 12, 2022.”

The committee then voted unanimously to disapprove request 21.28.

The two remaining applications, application 21.29 and application 21.30, were also voted down and unanimously disapproved.

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The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing Dec. 2 for three proposed applications for a three-story building with 27 apartments at 35 Main Street South. —Picture of bee, money