A rental development project in the East Vancouver market will go to a public hearing early next year.

The project consists of a six-storey mixed-use building on the southeast corner of Kingsway and Joyce streets.

A staff report to city council regarding the 3304 Kingsway zoning change request says rental units will not be big enough.

The report states that the proposal contains 79 dwellings of “relatively small unit sizes”.

For two bedroom units, which are described as family units, the square footage will vary from 532 square feet to 733 square feet.

One-bedroom units will range between 395 square feet and 490 square feet.

As for “certain studios”, they will be 320 square feet.

“Staff favor smaller units as long as there are generous, high-quality indoor and outdoor amenity spaces to enhance the overall livability of the development,” the staff report told the council.

The report also noted that “further design developments should be made to the sizes and layout of units to follow the recommendations of the High Density Housing Guidelines for Families with Children (HDHFCG)”.

The said city directives provide, by way of example, that “each room must be large enough to accommodate a single bed, a chest of drawers, a desk or a table, and in children’s rooms, a space on the floor to play. “.

The staff report for 3304 Kingsway indicates that the zoning change request includes multiple amenity spaces for future residents.

“There is a small interior amenity room of 39.7 m². (472 sq. Ft.) And an adjoining outdoor amenity space on the second floor; a large outdoor amenity space on the roof that includes a children’s play area and urban agriculture; and below-grade amenity space provided at the second level of the underground car park, ”the report said.

The lease is a project of the Hudson Development Company, via Jam (3304 Kingsway) Holdings Inc.

The location is currently occupied by a 7-Eleven store, and across Joyce Street to the west is Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School.

The staff report indicated that the developer may later “seek relief” from the payment of Development Cost Charges (DCL) for the rental component of the project.

This is because the housing offered falls under the city’s definition of “affordable for-profit rental housing”, which makes them eligible to receive incentives such as the DCL exemption.

The report cited average rents in “newer” rental units in East Vancouver, or those built from 2011 and beyond.

These rents are $ 1,549 for a studio; $ 1,825, one bedroom; and $ 2,354, two bedrooms.

The DCL waiver for this project is estimated at $ 857,879.

The report told council that the development will contribute to the city’s housing goals.

Rental units will be located on the upper floors of the building, with commercial spaces on the ground floor.

The request to rezone 3304 Kingsway was included in the council’s public hearing schedule for January 18, 2022.