For years, Mangold Property Management – the largest local property management company on the Central Coast – has shared a close relationship with The Salvation Army, as the two agencies work side by side to ensure tenants in Santa Cruz in Carmel are not left behind. in any accommodation capacity.

But when the pandemic hit, that relationship grew very close, with one needing the other to tackle the myriad of rental assistance issues caused by COVID-19.

“Before I started all of this, I didn’t know anyone in The Salvation Army by name,” said Sandy Blum, who oversees accounts receivable at Mangold Property Management. “Now I know everyone from everything we’ve worked together over the past year and a half. “

In March 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order imposing a moratorium on evictions, a relief for many Mangold tenants who are struggling to pay their rent in the face of layoffs and COVID-19 closures. As the pandemic continued to drain households, threatening their ability to meet rental obligations, California passed Senate Bill 91 in January 2021 to provide tenants and landlords affected by COVID-19 with rent assistance. emergency.

Using $ 2.6 billion in federal relief in the form of rent subsidies, SB91 ensured that landlords would be reimbursed 80% of unpaid rents incurred between April 2020 and March 2021 if landlords agreed to forgive the 20%. remaining retroactive rent and not to pursue evictions.

Through the state’s emergency rent assistance program, Monterey County received $ 28 million in March to be distributed among eligible low-income families facing housing instability. United Way of Monterey County became the general agency responsible for managing the funds, partnering with 14 smaller nonprofits and municipalities, including the Salvation Army, to disburse the money to rent assistance seekers. depending on their location and needs.

Eager to secure rental assistance for tenants as soon as possible, Mangold Property Management turned to these local partner agencies for assistance. The Salvation Army was the first organization Mangold worked with to secure funds for tenants.

“The Salvation Army gave us our very first check, and it was great,” said Blum. “The Salvation Army, for a while, helped most of the first wave (of tenants). They seemed to have him together, as far as they were willing, to take on this tremendous amount of work. “

Since emergency rental assistance became available, Mangold Property Management has remained dependent on the support of The Salvation Army. Besides the city of Salinas, another cash dispenser run by United Way, the Salvation Army provided Mangold with the most aid from a single agency, accounting for 21% of funding for rental aid from Mangold, Blum said.

For its part, Blum often acts as an intermediary between tenants requesting rental assistance and the agency entrusted to them in order to ensure that both parties have all the information necessary for the success of the partnership. Although Blum has taken on this role with a multitude of local partners, she has spoken of her interactions with the Salvation Army with particular respect.

“It’s so nice to work with them,” she explained. “They are always so calm, and everyone is just a pleasure to be there.”

Even though rent assistance measures have changed and moratoriums on evictions have been lifted in recent months, Blum explained that The Salvation Army has remained steadfast in its commitment to help Mangold and its tenants manage the changing criteria for receiving help.

Besides supporting the Salvation Army, Blum has also defended her colleagues, who she says have been instrumental in the past 18 months. When COVID-19 started worrying tenants and landlords, for example, Mangold Property Management owner Craig Coming immediately worked with each tenant to bring them online, Blum explained. In doing so, Blum continued, Coming made it possible for tenants to pay their rent online and stay in touch with Mangold despite having to stay away from it.

Coming’s contributions, in addition to property managers and even Blum herself taking on responsibilities she did not need before the pandemic, left Blum grateful for the dedication of those around her at a time when the community had need a little extra help.

Maria Alvirde, property manager at Mangold, echoed Blum’s appreciation.

“It was amazing to see the change and how we came together,” she said. “We’re a family. We were able to get on board and do things. We did.

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