Posted by Wei Min Tan on July 27, 2022

What do rental contracts look like with manhattan apartments? It is a common question of investor clients intending to rent their investment condos. Here are the key points.

Contract length

Lease terms in Manhattan are typically one year. Sometimes tenants sign for two years, especially if the going rent is low. If the contract lasts more than a year, the owners usually negotiate a indexation clause where the second year’s rent is higher than the first year’s rent.

With rentals in Manhattan, the tenant usually stays for a few years. This means that although the contract is for one year, the landlord and tenant will negotiate renewal terms approximately 60 or 90 days prior to the contract expiration date and perform a lease renewal, known as a lease renewal in local terminology.

In this market, which is the hottest rental market ever, the tenant has paid all the costs. The main costs are brokerage fees and onboard package fee. In addition, the tenant also pays moving expenses, i.e. the costs paid to the moving company. Thus, the moving costs for the tenant can be quite high. This is why tenants generally renew instead of moving every year. With every move, there is the stress of moving and a lot of expense.

Condo of an investor client which was rented in 1 week. The apartment has been renovated and updated with a new kitchen and bathroom. This is a pre-war condo steps away central park.

Security deposit

Security deposit on the Manhattan market is equivalent to one month’s rent. This will be kept by the owner and returned to the tenant after the release of the apartment. We cannot accept more than one month’s deposit per New York Rental Regulations.

Additional Terms

The landlord and tenant can also negotiate additional terms. This may include requests where the apartment needs to be repainted or an additional occupant needs to be added to the apartment. rental agreement. An additional occupant can be a sibling who visits frequently or a spouse who will be living with the tenant. The Manhattan Way condominiums are managed, if someone lives in the apartment or goes there all the time, but is not listed as an occupant, the landlord may be fined.

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When we represent investor clients, we market the client’s apartment for rent, review tenant applications and arrange for the apartment to be occupied. We only consider the investment cycle complete when our investor client begins to receive rental income.

Client’s condo reserved at the pre-construction stage. Upon completion and closing, leased at premium rents. Near the United Nations, Citigroup, black stoneBlackrock offices.

What we do

We focus on of global investors buy condos in Manhattan for portfolio diversification and long-term return on investment.
1) Identify the right purchase according to the objectives
2) Manage the buying process
3) Rent the property
4) Manage tenants
5) Market the property during the eventual sale

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