ATLANTA — State Representatives Viola Davis (D-Stone Mountain) and Rhonda Taylor (D-Conyers) host a virtual town hall to educate landlords and landlords on House Bill 1093 and other housing issues on Thursday, February 17 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Prior registration is required. To register for this virtual town hall, please click on here.

“I fear such legislation will increase the number of boarding houses, illegal personal care homes, and party houses in stable neighborhoods and single-family residential neighborhoods,” Rep. Davis said in a news release. “In my neighborhood, owners wouldn’t have the ability to complain about a slaughterhouse operating in a residential area. I learned that this legislation would make such an act permissible after consulting with the legislative counsel on these matters in my district.

“Ridding local governments of the right to oversee their cities and counties is not only dangerous, it’s downright rude,” Rep. Taylor said. “Threatening to lose financial aid and grants adds insult to injury. If passed, this law would do nothing to preserve community safety or uphold house values. It seems more like a way to silence the locals.

Davis and Taylor said House Bill 1093 would prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing restrictions on rental homes, land or accommodations that are or could be subject to a residential tenancy agreement of more than 30 days. HB 1093 would also prevent local governments that violate the potential law from obtaining financial assistance, funds or grants from the Georgian Ministry of Community Affairs. The bill would waive the sovereign immunity of local government entities in certain circumstances, unless the damages from the breach exceed $1 million per occurrence.

For more information on HB1093, please click here.

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