Several residents of a south Edmonton apartment complex are either displaced or living in flooded conditions after heavy rains earlier this week crept through six units, causing all sorts of damage.

“I couldn’t even see the carpet like there was just water everywhere,” said Westbrook Estates tenant Lisa Yaremy.

Since water leaked into Lisa Yaremy’s apartment earlier this week, her living room has been in shambles.

“Thursday night with all the excessive rain, the water just started coming in,” Yaremy said. “In a few minutes, it was the pooling.”

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She’s not the only one with a flooded floor, her next door neighbors also had a large pool of water in their apartment.

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“My computer is totaled. It was in a puddle when we saw it when we woke up,” tenant Brandon Skavinsky said.

These tenants said that shortly after the flood, maintenance staff came to drain the water, remove the carpet and add fans, but they hoped for more.

“We can’t provide you with another place to stay, so you’ll likely have to stay in a shelter,” another tenant, Ivy Fenner, told the apartment building. “And being pregnant, I couldn’t bear the thought.”

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High water levels, fast flowing North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton

High water levels, fast flowing North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton – June 17, 2022

In a statement to Global News on Saturday, Boardwalk Apartment said it had “contacted all affected resident members regarding the insurance and supports we can provide.”

“We have fans and dehumidifiers in place. We have targeted Monday noon for all residents to return to their homes,” the statement read.

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“We have found a hotel room and are happy to support residents with payment between insurances. We are not aware of any injuries and are happy to meet and assist you as needed.

“We are always available, if you need more information.”

But Skavinsky and Fenner said that was not what they experienced.

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“We were asking if they could provide a hotel or anything and they said, ‘Well, we can’t really because your insurance will cover all of that’, and they had gigs in town, they so would be impossible to do. …and then they said, ‘You can go to a shelter if you want,'” Fenner said

Skavinsky and Fenner said they managed to get a hotel through the Red Cross – after having to prove by firefighters that their unit was deemed unsafe.

Yaremy could not do the same and stays in the damaged apartment.

While Boardwalk said it plans to have all affected tenants back on Monday, these folks question that timeline

“We’re just worried about our safety in general, there’s an electric wire right below where the flooding happened,” Skavinsky said.

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“I feel totally devalued, unappreciated and disrespected. Where do you go from here?” Yaremy said.

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