CHEAT LAKE, W.Va. (WBOY) — A two-month search for a missing Morgantown man has failed, but his mother has not given up hope.

Bryn Hargreaves was born and raised in England, where he was raised by his grandmother and mother, alongside two brothers.

Maria Andrews, Hargreaves’ mother, said her son was brought up with good manners.

Hargreaves, his two brothers and his mother. (Courtesy of Maria Andrews)

“If any of the guys said anything to the girls, he would come up and say, ‘Don’t you dare talk to a woman like that,'” Andrews said.

Hargreaves was a professional rugby player for the Bradford Bulls until the team went into resolution in 2012.

He moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 after finding love with a girl in Mexico who came from the United States.

Bryn Hargreaves (Courtesy of Maria Andrews)

He started out in the pipeline, which Andrews said didn’t sit well with his son. This put a strain on Hargreaves’ relationship, and the couple separated in 2017. He later moved to north-central West Virginia.

“He was fired, so he moved to another company. He mingled with the wrong guys. From what I’ve met, they’re not nice guys,” Andrews said.

Hargreaves has found himself in Morgantown for the past two years, living at Whisper Creek Apartments in Cheat Lake.

Bryn Hargreaves (Courtesy of Maria Andrews)

“Where he lives is amazing. But unfortunately it’s so isolated. And that’s what happened, he became a recluse,” Andrews said.

And things only got worse from there.

“In June or July, a girl who works with him told me he had stopped reporting,” Andrews said.

It is believed that Hargreaves suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTEdue to his repeated rugby headers.

This caused her to have convulsions that wouldn’t go away. He crashed his Jeep on December 8 after having a seizure while driving on the road, which forced him to stop working.

“It would have been Bryn’s worst nightmare because he couldn’t walk, he was bedridden,” Andrews said.

Hargraves had a conversation with his younger brother on the phone Jan. 3 at his apartment. He has not been seen or heard from since that day.

Andrews has been here in the United States since Hargreaves was first reported missing on January 16, and her youngest son has been with her for the first four weeks.

Andrews returned home on Friday, hoping people here in the area can continue their search for her son.

“I just need to know you’re okay.” Anyone who knows something, or wherever you are, can you give them a message? His brothers miss him and love him. His whole family,” Andrews said, when asked if she had a message for her son.

A leaflet created to help find Hargreaves (Courtesy Maria Andrews)

Hargreaves was last seen on January 3 at his apartment in Cheat Lake and has not been seen since. The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and has yet to find any conclusive leads. If you have information on the whereabouts of Hargreaves, you can contact the sheriff’s office at 304-291-7260.

There is also a website dedicated to finding Hargreaves. You can visit this site here.