“It smells like an addiction,” said tenant Tristan Sulgar, who raised the issue with several county departments.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Residents of an Arden Arcade apartment complex are raising the alarm about a river of raw sewage that runs through their parking lot several times a day. To make matters worse there are often children walking around or playing next to it.

“It smells like an addiction, like a bad addiction that hasn’t been cleaned up in months,” said tenant Tristan Sulgar.

Sulgar lives at Carla Apartments, which is now owned by private equity real estate firm Trion. Pump trucks come to the property several times a day to suck up sewage, but Sulgar says management hasn’t explained why this continues to happen.

“You can see fecal waste, you can see toilet paper, I’ve seen tampons. I mean everything, anything you flush down the toilet, we’ve seen it run down here,” he said. declared.

Sulgar took his complaint to the county.

“I spoke to the environment department, I spoke to hazardous waste. They all know about the problem, but they all kept pushing me to the next department…” Sulgar said.

Sulgar also saw children walking and riding scooters in the mess.

“I warned them. I’m like, ‘Hey, get away from there. It’s dirty water. Poop water’ or whatever, and the kids usually ignore me,” said he declared.

Residents are looking for answers and a solution that will stop the flow of sewage. ABC10 contacted Trion, but their offices were closed on Sunday.

People at Arden-Arcade apartments contacted ABC10 after receiving $400 water bills