So the developers would now demolish most of the mother house, but renovate and reuse the medical building at the rear for a medical or rehabilitation tenant while constructing a new main building at the front and a series of low rise buildings. height around the north, south and east. parts of the property.

Plans by Carmina Wood Morris PC envision a new three-storey seniors’ apartment building at the front, with 125 units in all. This would include 88 two-bedroom apartments and 37 one-bedroom units, with a main entrance facing South Park and 109 parking spaces in front and on both sides.

Behind, the seniors’ apartments would be separated from the diamond-shaped medical building by an open recreation space, including a rear patio and a proposed pond, with a 2,000-square-foot community building to one side.

Then, mostly along the perimeter of the site, Sinatra would build 17 apartment buildings at market price – 10 with eight two-bedroom units in each, and seven more with an equal split of one- and two-bedroom apartments. That’s a total of 108 two-bedroom apartments and 28 one-bedroom units, or 136 in all. The rents are still being determined, as well as the overall investment.

Additional car parks would be distributed among the garden-style buildings, with 80 garage spaces and 375 open spaces. In total, the site could accommodate 564 vehicles.