Varsity Campus cited staff shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the challenges for them to prepare apartments on time for students.

GREENSBORO, NC – Editor’s note: The video is from Saturday as the students attempted to move into the apartments.

Varsity Campus released a statement on Sunday following dirty apartments discovered by students and parents preparing for move-in day.

Block 43 Apartments is a private apartment complex located on Clifton Road, home to some students from North Carolina A&T University, UNC Greensboro and other local campuses.

Varsity Campus cited staff shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the challenges for them to prepare apartments on time for students.

Several students and parents told WFMY News 2 that they were told to arrive in Block 43 at 9 a.m. on Saturday to pick up their unit keys, to wait several hours in queues outside in the heat where temperatures reached the mid-90s.

A parent said she and her student found trash, dirt, hair, mold and dust when they first entered the unit and shared photos of the mess.

A spokesperson for NC A&T confirmed on Saturday with WFMY News 2 that the units were not prepared for the arrival of students and that the housing and residence life manager was in Block 43 to assist affected students by the situation.

“NC A&T is aware of the apartments in Block 43 allocated to some of our students who were not ready to move in on Saturday, as they should have been. A&T officials are working with the resort’s management company to ensure issues are resolved immediately, ”Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations Todd Simmons said. them.”

NC A&T spokesperson said it was the largest class the university has ever seen.

The University also said: “NCA&T has a master lease agreement with Block 43 but is not responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of the units – it is the responsibility of the property management company.” .

A spokesperson for the university confirmed to WFMY on Sunday that 36 NC A&T students had been accommodated after their apartments were not ready to move in over the weekend.

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A spokesperson for UNC Greensboro told WFMY they are also assessing the situation. The university assisted three of its students who were to move into block 43. These students have now moved to accommodation on the UNCG campus.

Varsity Campus has issued the following statement:

“NC A&T Housing has assigned Varsity Campus to accommodate some of their students in Block 43. We sincerely apologize to the University, students and their parents for the condition of some of these units when they are. arrived to move in on August 14, 2021. Our on-site team and suppliers continued to work late into the night to address these issues and provide a clean living environment for our residents.

While it’s never easy to prepare so many units for move-in over a two-week period, staff shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic presented an even greater challenge than we anticipated. . Our priority is to make sure all units are clean and all amenities are in working order. We brought in additional suppliers from Charlotte and Winston-Salem to complete the cleaning of the remaining units. VC staff will also go building by building to check all units and ensure all residents are satisfied with the condition of their unit at the start of their fall semester.

We appreciate the University’s help in helping displaced students while the university campus does a deep clean. The circumstances in Block 43 do not reflect our company standards. We are committed to an internal review and will build confidence in our management and service to residents in this community.

Our mission is to manage our communities with precision, to treat our customers as partners and to take care of the families of our residents. Although we are disappointed that we did not live up to expectations, we will remedy it and going forward, our actions will demonstrate our commitment to our mission. “

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