JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) – Powerful gusts of wind that lasted for several hours sent tall trees to homes and an apartment building in Johnson County, Kansas during inclement weather Wednesday night.

A large tree has fallen on the side of an apartment building near 67th and Nieman Road, near Reeder Street in Shawnee, KS.

“It was just windy and all of a sudden this big crash noise,” said a tenant whose roof was damaged. “I thought it was a tornado.”

Instead, strong winds uprooted the tree. A tree branch pierced the wall of an apartment on the second floor. It also damaged their balcony.

“It was scary because I looked out the window and saw a tree fall,” said 11-year-old Lauren Espy.

“I am grateful that everyone is doing well,” said neighbor Audra Gomez. “When we heard it, it was incredibly loud. I never want to hear that sound again.

Just before 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, a teenager was injured when he was struck by a fallen tree that crashed into a sidewalk near 67th and Midland Drive. Emergency teams took the teenager to a nearby hospital in stable condition. Another large tree crashed into a house near 72nd Terrace and Lamar Avenue. No one was home at the time or was injured.

Gomez says her family was about to leave for a group holiday party when they received a weather alert. They chose to follow the advice to take shelter and stay home. After seeing the damage to their neighbor’s building, Gomez says he’s glad they did.

Tomorrow, many families around the Kansas City subway will be cleaning up the mess.

“Never, ever experienced a day like this before,” Gomez said of Wednesday’s unusually warm December temperatures, followed by high winds and heavy thunderstorms.