OAK PARK, Mich. – Residents of a Oak Park apartment complex were told they had to evacuate after a large crack appeared and an exterior wall began to crumble.

The case right now is to see if the resort’s head office can do anything.

“It looked like a bombshell,” Candice Brooks said. “It was very, very loud.”

Brooks woke up to a loud boom around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday (March 23) with her daughter running into her bedroom.

“She’s like ‘mom, the wall is coming down,'” Brooks said. “I’m glad it didn’t fall on him.”

Brooks called the emergency maintenance number for their apartment complex. They got out right away, then she alerted the city of Oak Park, who sent a rental inspector who determined that the apartments on that side of the building should be vacated at no cost to them.

Since Wednesday, this has not happened because these residents have been informed that there are no units available.

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“I’ve never experienced this a day in my life,” Brooks said. “It’s such an inconvenience.”

Brooks says it’s been a day of running from the rental office, which gave him a boost by emailing their head office.

“I would have emailed Jesus if I could,” Brooks said. “He’s still on the main line.”

Corporate, which is Beztak and Brooks, said it received grief from its rental office because of this.

“You shouldn’t care who I called,” Brooks said. “You should care about trying to fix the problem.”

There was no one at the rental desk when we checked in, and so far an email to Beztak hasn’t been immediately returned.

As for the cause of the crack, the city believes a car likely hit the building.

Brooks said he heard a boom, but no screeching of tires or anything else that would indicate a car.

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