The apartment is one of the most important settings in sitcoms, and for series that focus on characters who live together, this is where most of the action takes place. This is the house of the characters, after all, and due to the amount of time the audience spends with the characters, it also becomes a sort of figurative house for them.

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Sitcom characters often have extraordinarily large and desirable apartments, despite working as bartenders (Nick de New girl), waitresses (2 broken girls), or struggling actors, like Joey from Friends. While this may give viewers unrealistic expectations of what’s affordable and achievable – not to mention creating apartment envy – it’s nonetheless fun to imagine living above the MacLaren Bar in New York City or even in a pineapple under the sea.

ten Max and Caroline’s apartment (2 broken girls)

Max's empty apartment in 2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline’s awesome and clever house in 2 broken girls is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. One of New York’s most gentrified and desirable neighborhoods, the two broken down waitresses are unlikely to be able to afford this spacious, open-plan apartment with a garden and exposed beams.

Still, the girls’ pad, which is located near the restaurant where they work, is the backdrop for many of the show’s funniest episodes, like when they rent the place on Airbnb to a bunch of models, or when Caroline gets off. slips into the garden and gets covered in horse dung.

9 Leonard & Sheldon’s Apartment (The Big Bang Theory)

The Big Bang Theory Apartment

This nursery located in Pasadena houses The Big Bang Theory roommates Leonard and Sheldon for the majority of the series. For this group of introverts, their apartment is a surprisingly social place. The living room is full of comfy seating, which hosts their friends for dinner every night, and many of the show’s most memorable scenes, like when Sheldon and Amy are building a fort and when Sheldon tries to teach Penny physics.

The apartment is also packed with science props and collectibles, including a Rubik’s cube, hundreds of books, a DNA double helix molecular model, and a telescope.

8 Dev’s Apartment (Master Of None)

Dev's empty apartment in Master of None

While not in the show’s most recent season – Dev himself barely does – Dev’s Lower East Side mansion in New York City is a staple in Master of Nonethe first two seasons of and reflects Dev’s personality well.

The apartment has a generously sized kitchen for making homemade pasta, a cozy living room for watching old black and white movies while it’s snowing outside, and a retro hipster industrial vibe throughout, with exposed brick walls, cold lamps and a large collection drive. According to Therapy Apartment, Aziz Ansari even helped design it based on his own interior design tastes.

7 SpongeBob’s Pineapple House (SpongeBob SquarePants)

spongebob pineapple house

While not strictly an apartment, the eponymous protagonist of Sponge Bob SquarePants definitely has one of the coolest life situations on TV. Spongebob’s three-story home features a home library, gym, garage, and yard. He lives with his snail Gary at 124 Conch Street and next to his colleague from Krusty Krab, Squidward.

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The house has its drawbacks, however. On the one hand, it is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It is also completely destroyed on numerous occasions, once by a self-destructing Krabby Patty messaging device sent by Mr. Krabs, and another time when eaten by troublesome small nematodes. Still, a foghorn alarm clock is pretty cool.

6 Ted’s apartment (How I met your mother)

How I met your mother apartment

This two-bed Manhattan pad above the MacLaren Bar is home to Ted, Marshall, and Lily during most days. how I Met Your Mother until the latter two move into a house in the suburbs. Similar to the configuration in Friends, it has a roof, perfect for parties and interventions, and is the center of the world of entertainment.

Every square inch of this Upper West Side location is filled with books, video games, and other cool and unusual items acquired by Ted and Marshall over the years, including a red phone booth and a pair of swords. It also includes a piano, Ted’s desk by the window, and many other iconic and important items.

5 Apartment Troy & Abed (Community)

Tory and Abed's empty apartment in Community

It is the only apartment on the list that contains a Dreamatorium. Troy and Abed from Community converted their second bedroom into a play area in which to engage in any kind of adventure or fantasy their hearts desire. The walls are black with yellow squares and the room is empty except for the Dreamatorium’s “engine”, which is stored in a cupboard. Unfortunately, they dismantled the Dreamatorium in “Introduction to Finality”.

However, their apartment is truly a place of fun and games, be it Yahtzee, building a scale model of the block scene from Indiana Jones, build a blanket fort, or put on a show for Annie using characters cut out of cardboard.

4 Spencer & Carly’s Apartment (iCarly)

Carly and Spencer's empty apartment

This three-story apartment houses Carly Spencer’s brother in the iCarly reboot, but it also housed Carly during the original series. Located in Seattle’s Bushwell Plaza, this fun and colorful loft has been converted from professional to residential use. This means it has a private freight elevator (for transporting the ostriches), high ceilings, and space for Spencer’s weird and wonderful sculptures – like the robot made of soda bottles (“Bottle Bot”) ), Yippee-Yi Yo-Yo, and a bar made from the back of a van.

The third floor of the apartment is where Carly, Freddie, and Sam are filming the original series’ web show. There’s a large window with colorful glass panes on the back wall, ottomans, rugs, tons of accessories, and even a car hood adorned with orange flames. Any apartment with its own studio is quite special.

3 Frasier’s apartment (Frasier)

Frasier Crane’s upscale and sophisticated property at Elliot Bay Towers offers sweeping views of the Seattle skyline and Space Needle. It is decorated to his picky but eclectic taste and includes a grand piano, African statues and paintings, and high-end furniture. It is also perfect for organizing refined dinners, with its dining area and large living room.

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Frasier lives in this three bedroom block with his elderly father and his father’s helper, and later Frasier’s love interest, Daphne. When his father first moves in, he insists on bringing his old recliner, which looks very out of place among Frasier’s chic artifacts. Fraiser tries to get rid of it first, but eventually gets heated up and even asks the movers to be careful when his father moves out.

2 The new girl’s loft (new girl)

Main actors of the new girl

Since the downtown lofts were converted from industrial to residential use, they have welcomed waves of different groups. At one point, it was musicians who used them for studios or intimate showcases. Then came the artists, who took advantage of the cheap rent and the huge windows. Then came the young professionals, such as Jess, Nick and the rest of the gang from New girl.

Their Los Angeles loft is a highly desirable space, with high ceilings, huge rooms, industrial metal doors, and a large roof. They even have a shared cloakroom style bathroom. New girl may create unrealistic expectations of what a roommate is like with strangers, but despite that, it’s a great space and the setting for many sweet scenes about friendship.

1 Monica’s Apartment (Friends)

Friends Chandler stays away during his mother's interview

No sitcom apartment is more iconic than Monica’s purple-walled house on Friends, which she shared with many other band members over the show’s 10 seasons. The West Village apartment is the most essential setting in the series next to Central Perk. Fans all remember the golden frame around the door peephole, the poster “Aux Buttes Chaumont” and the countless key moments of the series that take place here.

This is where Ross dresses up as a giant armadillo to teach Ben Hannukah, where Chandler stays in a box for six hours to regain Joey’s trust, the setting for the apartment change quiz and the fateful final scene in which the gang all place their keys on the kitchen counter as they come out the door. It unequivocally deserves the top spot as the coolest apartment in sitcom history.

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